Be Creative. Feel Better.

Be CreativeBe Creative. Feel Better.

Nobody can really explain what creativity really stands for, but most experts agree it has to do with the ability to come up with new ideas, create new connections between ideas, and new solutions to problems. Research suggests creative people are actually happier than everyone else.

Here are three of the most important reasons you need to know, to be creative:

Creativity predicts a longer life.

According to Scientific evidence, “researchers found that only creativity—not intelligence or overall openness—decreased mortality risk. One possible reason creativity is protective of health is because it draws on a variety of neural networks within the brain.” James Clear cites studies and research to illustrate that creating anything artistic can help decrease negativity, reduce stress, tension and anxiety, and ultimately give you better medical outcomes by helping you feel better. Not only does Creativity help you live longer, but it also improves your health and life.

Solve problems.

Creativity can also help you with problem solving. Instead of a linear, logical pathway, your creative mind could approach a situation from different angles and perspectives. Creative people see things differently and deal with uncertainty in better ways. Studies show that creative people are better adapted to uncertainty because they can channel their thinking in a way that allows for the flow of budding new ideas.

Develop confidence.

Since creativity in most cases requires experimentation and exploration, there come with many ups and downs and a high risk of failure. You have to be vulnerable to share your art, and willing to take the risk that what you create may never see the light of the day. Engaging in the creative process is a great method of building confidence, because you discover that failure is just one step on the ladder. There are many steps that follow and take you to the top. Once we see failure as something that we ca survive, and something that helps us grow and taking risks makes our work better, we can let go of the fear and try new things even at the risk of failure.

Creativity may seem like it comes with a price, but its benefits always supersede its cost. It might seem difficult to plunge into making risks, thinking out of the box and coming up with experimental solutions, but all of it really plunges you forward as a person/brand. Not only does it set you apart, it also helps people associate a richness to your personality.

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