Top 5 Custom Logo Design Ideas to Choose in 2020

Top 5 Custom Logo Design Ideas to Choose in 2020 - Logo Design Deck

There is nothing that stands next to a custom logo design. Logo is the unique identity of any business and it gains significant importance when it comes to digital branding and marketing. Not only that you will need to attract as much target audience as possible but in addition to that you will have to keep them strongly retained with your brand.

In order to successfully achieve these goals, businesses tend to try newer approaches and practices. Just like that, here are a few top trending custom logo design ideas that are sure to trend way higher in 2020.

Let us now take a look:


Minimalism is the most modern norm when it comes to creating a custom identity. Whether you have got a website or a mobile application, you can easily go with a minimalist logo if you want to stand by the latest graphic design industry trends.


Next to minimalist custom logo design, the world has now moved onto animations. Take a look over the internet and hit some searches on the search engine, you will get to know the rapidly growing demand for animated logos.


Not only events and teams, but brands have also started to choose Mascot logos. There are a number of social media websites and mobile apps that have been rebranded with Mascot Logos. Not only that Mascot Logos have big design elements but in addition to that, it is the best way if you are looking for a personified custom logo design.


Logo is the only unique identity for a brand that revolved all around the target audience which makes it imperative to create something that matches the overall branding preferences. There are a number of brands from diverse industries that have adopted Pattern Logos to accompany their branding preferences.


Last but not least, typographic logo design has been completely revolutionized and there are millions of brands that have continued to stay with their conventional typographic logo designs. If you are also one of those then look no further, ask your logo designer for a few typographic logo samples and choose the one that fits perfectly with your requirements.

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